Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Media Briefs: Murdoch tab produces future claim chowder; Acer to release 2 Android and 1 Windows tablet in 2011

Normally, this feature is called Morning Briefs, but this will probably be my only post today as I do a bit of travelling related to tomorrow's Thanksgiving Day holiday.

John Gruber calls it claim chowder: a prediction made with certainly that turns out to be, well, very wrong. When it comes to Apple's iPad and the future of tablet publishing there has already been a fair amount of this. (See this one and file it aways for future amusement.)
What are my thoughts on Murdoch's soon-to-appear daily tablet newspaper? I think I'll wait until it appears. But if I were in his shoes I'd spend the same $30 million he is reportedly spending, in the exactly the same way. After all, what is $30 million to a media man used to spending big bucks backing the latest James Cameron movie?

Of course, there are others who probably think the iPad is still a "Bizarro Trojan Horse" and would advise Murdoch to spend his money elsewhere.

Acer announced last night that it will be launching three new tablets: one 7-inch model and a 10.1-inch model that will run Google's Android OS, and another the same 10.1-inch model, this time running Windows.

The Windows machine will arrive first, in February, with the Android arriving in April -- around the time people think the second generation iPad will be launched.

Like other Acer products, these will be on the low end of the price scale -- $299 to $699.

Strange how all these manufacturers want to make these announcements so far in advance. Is Acer trying to tell customers not to buy an iPad for Christmas because an Acer is coming down the road?

Want a Kindle? How about a Kindle for $89? That apparently is the Black Friday deal being offered up by Amazon for a last-generation model.