Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Morning Brief: Europe debt crisis goes away, at least for a while; The Irish Times looks at the view from outside

Good morning:

For at least one day at least all the troubles of the world went away, vanished, poof-gone. The Irish debt crisis went away, the war in Afghanistan went away, the recession went away. All because some rich kid in England announced he was getting married. As that new Windows Phone 7 commercials says: "really!?"

Meanwhile, back in the real world, away from The Guardian's and New York Times's royalty fetish, the European debt crisis really does continue and is apparently reaching a crescendo. The WSJ believes "Ireland Will Win This Game of Bluff", but gives away its motivation by stressing claiming that Ireland wants to retain "its ultralow corporate-tax rate".

According to the Financial Times it "the “attack” on the euro that had prompted Ireland to seek assistance from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund."

While the much of the world is focused on events in Ireland (when it is not royal watching), The Irish Times was looking back, givings its readers the take from outside the island.

Their article included excerpts from stories from the WSJ, the BBC, Le Monde, The Guardian and other sources. I found the way they treated links interesting: none of the excerpts were linked directly, instead they created a sidebar where all the links could be found.

A story that is starting to gain traction, and that editors will ignore at their peril, concerns airport security. This story gives a feeling about why this is starting to be a big story.

The abuses of privacy is one area where both the Tea Party and liberals can find common ground. Just as importantly, the 'movement' is going viral online, and we all know that once that happens things can really take off.

Under my "newspaper" search in Google News there were 2,383 stories on Sarah Palin today. Really?

As Brad DeLong likes to say "Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?"

Comcast finally released its long promised iPad app. Released as XFINITY TV, the app serves as a remote control for its TV services -- a closer look to come later this morning.