Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Morning Brief: iOS update to come as early as this Friday; a new career path for publishers -- school chancellor

Rumor has it that Apple will be releasing its much anticipated (at least by iPad owners) update to its iOS. IOS 4.2 will see its release on Friday, according to several sources including MacStories.
The OS update will bring multitasking and folders to the iPad, and AirPrint and AirPlay to all iOS devices. AirPrint will allow device owners to print wirelessly from their iPhones and iPads to wireless printers; AirPlay allows users to steam content to other iOS devices and the new AppleTV. This morning, however, MacStories posted a story that said references to AirPrint have been taken out of Read Me files associated with PCs and the OS leading them to conclude that the printing service may be delayed. (iOS users still have other options for wireless printing, though. For instance, Epson has its own app for printing, and third party developers have apps available in the iTunes App Store for wireless printing.)

In preparation for the big iOS update, Apple will be updating both its main Mac OS X and iTunes software -- possibly as early as today.

While most of the media world is scratching their heads over Mayor Bloomberg's decision to hire Hearst magazine executive Cathie Black to run NYC schools (they're friends, right?), the other side of the story is the move by the guy leaving, Joel Klein, over to News Corp.

Using Ezra Klein's column space, Dana Goldstein has an interesting read on the whole affair.

Reading stories on tech sites about smartphones is a lot like watching cable news programs on politics -- its all about process and who is winning and losing. It's all become cheerleading and prediction stories.

As someone who authors this site, I know that one of the problems with looking at the new mobile and tablet devices is that it is practically impossible to be intimately knowledgable about the various devices with their different OS's. TNM is decidedly in the camp of Apple -- there is no way around that. I own an iPhone and an iPad and that is the platform I am most familiar with. If this site were a profitable business venture I would no doubt invest in at least one Android OS device in order to properly keep up.

But that brings me to one of my biggest pet peeves about media writers (and aggregators): they appear to write about mobile and tablets without even the slightest first-hand knowledge of the devices and apps themselves. Most stories about media apps never include an original screen capture, and most simply repeat the thoughts of other writers who have had hands-on experience with the product being talked about.