Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Morning Brief: An iPad virgin no more, 'Project' project is launched; more on WikiLeaks and the New York Times

The Richard Branson (Virgin Group) backed iPad magazine effort is available on iTunes today and TNM will take a closer look at it later today. Project, in case you had not heard, is available for the iPad only, but also has an online blog in support (here).
This morning paidContent.org looked at the app but the writer, Robert Andrews, was not impressed because he was forced to upgrade his iPad's OS and iTunes. Sorry, if you have not updated your iPad OS by now what the hell are you doing writing about iPad apps? Pretty embarrassing post, if you ask me.

• Speaking of embarrassment: the latest batch of WikiLeaks documents clearly are not that embarrassing to the current administration in the White House. How can you tell? The New York Times has yet to have one of its writers publish another hit piece. Instead the paper wrote an editorial basically saying that this is all not really news.

My own theory on all this is that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange released this batch of documents not so much to expose anything as devastating as the helicopter video but to get back at those who he felt were going after him personally.

Who knows, it's a theory.

• Politico looks this morning at the relationship between the NYT and WikiLeaks, mentioning in passing that it did not get the documents directly from WikiLeaks but through The Guardian.

It's a good piece but one pretty much knows how readers will react to it: uniformly negative towards the NYT. Americans, by and large, simply do not want to know what their government is doing -- creating, in my opinion, a very dangerous political environment. What will happen if a future administration actually exercises the new powers it has accumulated of late: indefinite detention, the right to assassinate American citizens without judicial restraint, etc.?

I know it's just Politico, but other sites such as the Washington Monthly and TPM are either seriously questioning the media for publishing these latest docs, or at least sounding skeptical.

The media reports, you decide. It's a simple system. But apparently some on both the right and left are now advocating something much different for this country. Scary.