Monday, November 22, 2010

Morning Brief: iOS update today; iAds video; Irish crisis continues; NYT writer shows he's a bit spoiled

It appears today will be the day Apple releases its latest iOS update. The latest software, iOS 4.2, will be extremely important to iPad owners as it brings multitasking and folders (as well as a few new features) to their tablets. The OS update will also unify all iOS devices -- that is, all iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads will now be on the same generation of operating system.

The previous rumor had the update coming on Wednesday. But because this was the day before the Thanksgiving holiday, this never made sense to me. Releasing the update today, or waiting untill next Monday makes more sense.

A video on YouTube features a round-up of advertisements created for the new Apple iAd platform. Most YouTube users seem perplexed concerning why people would want to see this, but publishers (good publishers, anyway) will be love seeing all the advertisers building new mobile ads.

Anyway, here it is -- happy selling:

The crisis in Ireland doesn't appear to be subsiding simply because the Irish government has agreed to ask for a massive bailout from the EU and IMF. Apparently backbenchers are seeking to force prime minister Brian Cowen to quit -- at least according to The Guardian.

Actually, The Guardian doesn't call them "backbenchers" but instead said "bankbenchers" -- nice typo, or was it on purpose?

The New York Times's David Carr wrote about the upcoming tablet-only newspaper being developed by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. The $30 million project will result in a paid iPad newspaper, produced by a staff of 100.
Leaving aside some elephant-size editorial questions — how do you put out an original national newspaper every day with a staff of only 100? — there’s an argument to be made for the News Corporation’s app-centric approach. Newspapers have been so busy trying to come to grips with the Web, but there may be a better opportunity on tablets and other mobile devices on which consumers are used to paying for at least some content.
I loved the part where he asks "how do you put out an original national newspaper every day with a staff of only 100?" Maybe Carr should work in B2B publishing a while. Maybe then he'd rewrite the line to read "how do you put together two magazines with one editor?"

But the second part of the quote echos my own thoughts.

I included a link a week ago in the Short Takes section to a story about a growing backlash to TSA security measures. Since the backlash seemed to be centered on the Internet, I sensed that this was one story that wasn't going away. Now there is this story about a video that is going viral on the web about a kid being patted down by TSA.

As I said then, this story isn't going away quietly.

Note: The TSA part of this post was moved to the bottom to make room for the iOS news.