Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Short takes: Ireland at the center of EU worries; The Beatles and Apple; little move turns into big local news

Good morning:
In case you have been too obsessed with you own business issues to notice, you might want to pay attention to the situation in Ireland. Yesterday the news was that representatives of EU nations were pushing the Irish government to accept an EU or International Monetary Fund bailout, while the Irish government insisted it needed no such bailout.

"There is a problem with liquidity in banks, there is no doubt about that, but I don't think that the appropriate response to that would be for European finance ministers to panic," Ireland's minister for European Affairs Dick Roche is quoted by The Guardian as saying. "Ireland doesn't need to trigger any mechanisms because of sovereign debt and the problems in banks are being dealt with."

But there is no doubt people are edgy including the European stock markets which are down sharply, though not drastically this morning. Herman Van Rompuy, president of the EU, is even warning that this crisis could cause a collapse of the EU itself.

Ho, hum. It appears the big news today from Apple will be that they have finally secured a deal to sell downloads for The Beatles. We'll know at 10 ET/7 PT this morning. While most folk will not consider this much news at all, it has been a personal issue with Steve Jobs and the people at Apple who have had to deal with conflicts with Apple Records since the late seventies. Jobs, being a huge Beatles fan, often uses their music while doing demos of new Apple products.

This is actually old news now but it is worth mentioning. Penton Media a while ago made a decision to move a local office out of Loveland, Colorado and relocate to Fort Collins, just up the road. Nonetheless, local papers keep reporting news, showing how sensitive people are right now to the loss of businesses and jobs -- though I've not heard any hint that this move would actually cause any job losses.