Monday, November 8, 2010

What is 'Good News for Everyone' and why does Google consider it a news organization?

Who the heck is 'Good News for Everyone'? And why is it filling up Google search results with fake news stories? And can we find these guys and jail them?

According to the main website is registered to 70 Holdings, LLC out of Los Angeles.

CNet noticed the company last week when hundreds of Google search results appeared under the name Red Label News. Like myself, they were more than a bit peeved that a whole lot of junk search results appeared using that name.

A little digging found that 70 Holdings owns 44 domains -- wonderful, we can expect weeks and months of Google being clogged up with fake search results.

Why won't Google do something about this? For the same reason Apple is struggling to deal with its media partners -- both companies have not developed media teams as part of business development instead of PR.

For Google, this creates a huge hole in their system and an amazing opportunity for competitive search systems. If we can expect Google search results to remain compromised another search company, if smart, can seize on this opening.

For media companies, though, getting their content properly exposed will remain more difficult as pages of search results continue to be wasted on 'Good News for Everyone'.