Monday, November 29, 2010

WikiLeaks latest document dump left out the US media; US blogosphere not proving to be a good alternative

If it is true that the New York Times did not receive the WikiLeaks cables directly from the source, it means that no U.S. media company was a direct source of the news. What does this say about the state of the media in the U.S.?

A good example of the transformation of the online media world can be seen over at the liberal blog sites Daily Kos and the Political Animal blog at the Washington Monthly. Both sites have been in the tank for the Obama administration despite the general unease liberals have with the administration. Doing his best Sean Hannity impression, Steve Benen writes about the latest WikiLeaks doc dump: "If the argument from the leakers is that there should be no such thing as private diplomacy, they'll need a better excuse to justify this kind of recklessness."

I've been wondering why WikiLeaks did not choose an online organization in the U.S. to give the cables to -- but who would that be? Could any of them be trusted to actually work their way through the cables and report on them? Doubtful, though I suppose the Huffington Post would be the logical candidate. (Read through the comments on this post on HP and the distrust and absolutely distain readers have for the MSM is palpable.)