Thursday, December 2, 2010

Financial Times reports the Beeb is coming to the iPad with a paid subscription service using its iPlayer

For those thoroughly unimpressed with the BBC America channel there is hope on the horizon. According to a report in the Financial Times the BBC is planning to launch a paid subscriptions service for the iPad.

Because the Beeb is forbidden to charge for its content within the UK, the new paid service would be available elsewhere, with the US being the first market targeted. The move would bring the BBC's iPlayer to the US iTunes App Store possibly by the middle of next year.

No word on the subscription charge for the content, but Luke Bradley-Jones, managing director of is quoted by the FT as stating that "We’re quite bullish about what we can charge, but we are still working out the details.”

Bradley-Jones also said the new iPad app would have “a handcrafted feel, very much being about the best of British”. I guess that means it will look good, but break down every couple thousand miles (couldn't help myself).