Thursday, December 2, 2010

Guardian updates it's iPhone app one last time while it prepares to launch new paid app and first iPad edition

A final update was released today for the Guardian's iPhone app while the newspaper makes final plans to launch a brand new version of its mobile app and launches its first iPad app.
Writing on the Guardian's own blog page, Jonathon Moore said that the current app has had some bugs worked out in the new update:

We've recently experienced some issues with the offline reading functionality on our iPhone app. This was due to an oversight during our testing processes and – to make matters worse - coincided with the US holidays, meaning that the update to fix these problems took some time to get through the AppStore approval procedure at Apple.
Moore states that the current iPhone app has been downloaded over 200,00 times in just under a year.

A new app is just around the corner for the Guardian. The app will require UK readers to pay a recurring fee: £2.99 for six months and £3.99 for a year's access. US customers, though, will be able to download the app for free through the US Apple App Store, as the Guardian tries to monetize the app through advertising.

Moore said the paper is working towards a pre-Christmas launch for the new mobile apps.

In the meantime, an iPad app is still in development. "We're still working through the final features but, as always, we're aiming high and hoping to steal a march on the current news-oriented iPad apps already available. We'll reveal more details about this soon," Moore wrote.