Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hoodgrown relaunches as tablet magazine; but technical issues with the app prevent a real look at the magazine

I was really looking forward to examining the new tablet edition of Hoodgrown, the newly launched tablet edition from Christopher English. The free app, developed under the Tablazine name, looks to have promise, but the developers appear to have some server issues making the first edition of the tablet-only magazine currently inaccessible. Bummer.
The magazine is self described as about "urban music in a street oriented, yet intelligent manner." Assuming I am able to download the issue later I will write a new post on the magazine tomorrow. But until then it is worth mentioning a couple of things I've already noticed that the folks Tablazines are doing right.

First, the app opens to a registration page where readers are encouraged to send along their name and e-mail addresses. Declining in no way prevents the reader from accessing the magazine -- their server does that -- but it a gentle way of attempting to get more information from the reader, and hence opens up the possibility of directly getting demographic information down the line.

Second, Hoodgrown says it is free because it is ad driven. Well, many publishers have said the same thing, but the folks at Tablazines seem to be taking this seriously: they already have a media kit online and two sales reps are listed on the website.

Let's assume that the publishers are having server meltdown issues because of all the people downloading their first issues. So to give you a flavor of what the magazine actually looks like here's is their promotional video.

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Tablazines said...

Thanks for bringing the issues you're having to light. Damn it sucks to have issues on the first day of launch but we'll work it out with our technology partner