Thursday, December 9, 2010

Morning Brief: Everyone (it seems) wants to be in the cell phone business; Google engineer brags up their numbers

It seems like all the big electronics companies want a piece of the cell phone business. Intel, for instance, has made clear its intentions to challenge the ARM processors that currently dominate the market today.

Another major electronics player, Sony, wants in, too. SlashGear is reporting that a source at Sony Ericsson has confirmed that a PlayStation Phone will be released in March of next year. No surprise that the game machine vendors would want in: smartphones are eating into the market now, and the smaller tablet formats will no doubt do the same as they are introduced.

Just how big is the mobile marketed getting? Well, Google's vice president of engineering Andy Rubin bragged on Twitter last night that there "are over 300,000 Android phones activated each day."

Of course, these kind of numbers will inevitably lead to an argument about Android versus iOS -- a silly argument when you consider that Apple is really a hardware company that uses its software to drive hardware sales, and Google is really an advertising company that is using its software to drive advertising sales -- so something along those lines.

This whole cyber warfare episode has me more than a little concerned.

This is the way I see it: when governments and corporations take the law into their own hands by going after entities through extralegal means there will inevitably be payback. When the payback comes in the form of retaliation through extralegal means you are creating an environment where anything goes. Anarchy. And a free press does not function well in this kind of environment.