Monday, December 13, 2010

Morning Brief: Tribune owned shopping site signs Groupon as partner; Google Latitude approved by Apple

Good morning from the fridge Midwest

The recently launched local shopping site,, has attracted Groupon as a partner. The site, owned by the Chicago Tribune, will now feature one new local deal each weekday on the shopping site’s homepage.
“By registering at, you’ll have the option to sign up to receive the exclusive Groupon offer in addition to the feature Groupon highlights on their website each day. It’s the ultimate opportunity for Chicagoland deal-seekers,” said Belinda Englman, General Manager, in a release.

Retweet: Sunday's Media Decoder column by Jeremy Peters is about the success law enforcement is having nabbing criminals thanks to a feature in the free distribution paper the Washington Examiner.

"About once a month, the United States Marshals Service in the Washington area apprehends a fugitive caught with the help of Examiner readers. So far, marshals have rounded up 24 suspects after receiving calls from people who read about a fugitive in the paper," Peters explains.

Later Peter writes that Sometimes fugitives will see themselves in the paper and decide to give themselves up. “They panic,” Mr. Fernandez said. “That flushes them out of their hiding places.”

I don't think we are talking about America's Most Wanted here.

Well, it only took 22 months, but Google has finally gotten its Google Latitude app approved and in the Apple iTunes App Store.

The app allows people to track their friends through their cell phones, displaying their locations on a map. Why someone would think this is a good idea for "friends" is beyond me -- kids maybe, enemies definitely. Maybe this will appeal to the Foursquare crowd.

In any case, Apple originally rejected the app out of fears that the app would confuse users, believing that this app was a replacement for the standard Maps app preinstalled on all iPhones, according to AppleInsider.