Monday, December 6, 2010

Quick addendum to Revista Visão post

I always like to mention the reaction from buyers inside iTunes to the media apps they have purchased. In the case of Revista Visão there are no reviews in the US App Store -- no surprise there. But inside the Portugese App Store the reaction to Revista Visão has been overwhelmingly positive: 33 five-star reviews versus only two one-star reviews. The only complaint written so far has to do with a slow download time, something that is not directly tied to the app and its design.

The point here is that readers continue to react very positively to native apps versus replica or simple RSS reader apps. Another example would be Project, the Richard Branson led digital magazine. Here the reviews are evenly split between raves (five-star reviews) and boos (one-star reviews), but once again the vast majority of complaints have to do with download times, not the magazine app itself (this is true of both the US and UK App Stores).