Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Short Takes: CEIR report claims that US visa policies are having a negative impact on the trade show business; WikiLeaks FAQ; remembering more 'liquid' media days

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) yesterday released a report that claims that the trade show industry is losing business due to the barriers placed upon international attendees.

According to the report's introduction, the difficulties of obtaining a US visa in a timely fashion is leading to lost business for trade show organizers.

"Exhibition organizers continually receive complaints from foreign nationals who are unable to attend exhibitions in the US. This challenge is compounded by the difficulty of obtaining US visitor visas for business travelers. When people are unable to attend an event, business does not happen, sales are not closed, and opportunities are lost," the CEIR commissioned report states.

Two subjects seem to make TNM's page view numbers jump: technology and politics. I've always known that anything related to the iPad, media app stories, and "Google" will make the numbers jump. But I've tried to shy away from anything that reeks of politics here but the WikiLeaks stories is merging with other things political so lately I've posted related stories and thoughts -- and the numbers have jumped. Sigh.

But if you are a media person trying to get your hands around this whole WikiLeaks mess, here is a good place to start. The Future of the Internet blog page has this FAQ which should be useful.

Gawker is always good for a little media gossip. This story about Gregg Birnbaum leaving The Post after a run-in with the boss certainly fits the bill.

But the story uses the word "boozy" to describe Post editor Col Allan. It reminds me that my own days at a metro daily date back to the days when the next door bar was the place to find wayward editors and ad managers. Those days of long, liquid lunches seem to have ended in the early nineties, didn't they? Or do they still exist in your media market?