Friday, December 17, 2010

Touch Gaming keeps it going with its second edition; tablet magazine also releases a free "Lite" version

Dutch independent publisher Rijnders Media has released its second edition of its iPad-only Touch Gaming Magazine. Edited by Patrick Rijnders, with app programming by Alfred Rijnders, this is definitely an independent publishing venture, despite all the company names associated with the effort.
TNM looked at the first effort from Rijnders back in early November, so it is nice to see that the publishers have been able to get a second issue together so quickly in order to maintain some sort of regular frequency.

The second edition of Touch Gaming Magazine follows the same design as the first, but this time the publishers have decided to release a second free version the magazine in order to provide readers with a preview. This "Lite" version gives the reader "a taste of the magazine, with 3 interviews, reviews and a background article on retro gaming," according to the description. I downloaded the paid version: at 99 cents, it was the least I could do, right?
Like the first edition, this second edition contains interviews and lots of reviews of games designed for iOS devices. The page designs are simple and do not contain animation and video -- because of this, the second edition is even "lighter" than the first, only 10.2 MB in size.

Since the demographics of iPad owners skew heavily towards young males, you would think that an iPad-only magazine for touch gaming would be a perfect fit. But the first edition only garnered one review in the US iTunes store, and none at all in the UK or Dutch stores proving how hard it is to break through the clutter of the app store.

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Patrick Rijnders said...

Thanks for the new post about our magazine! You are right, it's very difficult to get word out about a new app when you don't have an advertising budget. It's frustrating too, because we get very positive reactions from the people who have read the mag. So we hope that the lite version can help out a little bit in pushing sales up. Well, regardless if this happens or not, we're not planning on quitting any day soon ;)