Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Amazon releases new 'Gold Box Deals' iPhone app

Amazon and Apple may be competitors in selling tablet devices, but I've always felt they were more like partners: each may sell a device for e-reading, but Apple's iPad and iPhone each help Amazon sell merchandize. Amazon is certainly aware of that as it has just released a new iPhone app called Amazon Deals which gives owners access to the Gold Box deals section of the Amazon website.
This new, free app is now the fourth app currently in the iTunes App Store for the iPhone. Amazon also has three iPad apps: their Kindle and Amazon Mobile app are also available on the iPhone, and the their iPad exclusive Windowshop app which is an unique take on their online store.

In addition to Amazon Deals, Kindle and Amazon Mobile, iPhone owners can also download Price Check by Amazon, an app that allows users to scan bar codes to look up prices while at a brick and mortar store -- a great way to see if you can save money by buying online (if you can get the app to scan properly).

Looking through the Android store I can find three Amazon apps including an Amazon MP3 app. The only equivalent Gold Box app for Android, however, is from an independent developer.