Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Amazon promotes its new 'Kindle for Android' newsstand; 14-day free trials of all newspapers and magazines

Amazon this morning is promoting its Kindle for Android mobile app on its online store home page by stating that owners of the app can now subscribe to "over 100 newspapers and magazines in color" -- emphasis on the word color (their own Kindle e-readers are black and white devices). All the magazine and newspaper subscription offers include a 14-day free trial of the publication to entice Android device owners.
Magazines available include The Economist at $10.49 per month, slightly more than the price of $110 annually on the iPad. But The Atlantic is priced at $1.99, versus $4.99 if one bought the iPad edition. In the newspaper category, the New York Times is offered as a monthly subscription at $19.99, the Boston Globe is $14.99 per month, while both the Globe and Mail and LA Times are priced at $9.99 per month. (Right now the Globe and Mail is letting iPad owners access its RSS driven iPad app free of charge.)

But these are Kindle editions, of course. That means that they are neither exactly the same as the print edition, nor contain all the multimedia content of tablet editions designed specifically for the iPad.

But in many cases these Kindle editions will be less expensive for consumers and less expensive to create for publishers.