Friday, January 7, 2011

As CES winds down, tech world begins thinking about the next big event, the Mobile World Congress in February

Just as Apple no longer considers MacWorld to be the essential event at which to introduce new products, not all mobile phone and tablet makers reveal all at CES. The Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona and starting February 14th, will have its share of announcements.

Samsung, in particular, uses the event to introduce products to the world -- especially the world outside the U.S. Engadget reports that the company will talk about dual-core smartphones and new tablets at the event, for instance.

Last year's MWC was where Samsung announced that it would enter the tablet field, as well as where they introduced the Samsung Wave smartphone.

Last year at MWC manufacturers were first responding to recent Apple event that introduced the iPad. At that time the expected launch date was late March, though it slipped back to April 3rd. But for the most part, last year's event was all about companies focusing on the iPhone. Now, with Android as big a player as it is, the focus may be more on tablets.

For a good recap of news from last year's show go to the Bloomberg Business Week MWC 2010 page here.