Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Dallas Morning News will construct paywall along with newly designed website; will launch iPad and iPhone apps

The Belo owned daily newspaper, The Dallas Morning News, announced this morning that they are instituting a new pricing and digital publishing strategy early this year which will include charging for web access, a new iPad application, as well as an update iPhone app.
Beginning at the beginning of the year, the DMN raised print subscription rates by ten percent to $33.95 per month. Now the paper will create a new digital subscription package that will cost readers $16.95 for access to all digital content, as well as individual prices for web access and the mobile apps.

"These digital initiatives will enhance our ability to publish important news and information for our customers on the platform of their choice," Jim Moroney, chief executive and publisher, said in the story posted to the DMN website.

The DMN also has apps for both Android and BlackBerry in development and say they will launch these apps later in the year.

Speaking of paywalls . . . the student newspaper of Oklahoma State University has signed an agreement with Press+ to construct a limited paywall for its student newspaper website, reported College Media Matters yesterday.

The media website said that only "a fraction of the O’Collegian online readership base must scale the pay wall – individuals not currently attending or working at the school who live outside the university’s “immediate geographic area” and who wish to view content more than three times per month," the website reported.

Press+ is a service of Journalism Online, the Steven Brill founded company that offers publishers e-commerce services.