Thursday, January 20, 2011

Late afternoon briefs: launch app, rake it dough; apps prove as insecure as web; Wonkette and the WaPo

Lot's of strange, and sometimes fun, little stories out there today:

MobileCrunch: SkyFire Pulls In Another Million Bucks With SkyFire For iPad -- You know I downloaded this app's iPhone version and absolutely never use it. The idea behind Skyfire is that it is a browser that will convert a site's Flash video on the fly for viewing on your iOS device. Guess there is just not a lot of Flash content I really want to see that badly. Oh well, the developer's here sure hit a home run so deserve
Mashable: 10 Million user accounts compromised in Trapster app attack -- Here's one app I'm glad I didn't download and install. The company, Trapster, has noticed its users, all 10 million of them, that their accounts have been hacked into and their user name and passwords are, well, out there.

Reuters: Giffords standing up and using iPad -- OK, can the news get any better for Apple? First the earnings report, then last week's number one news story turns into an ad for the iPad. And by the way, a big round of applause to all those analysts on the earnings conference call this week. No one wasted anyone's time asking about the health of CEO Steve Jobs -- they knew they wouldn't get an answer anyways.

NYT: F.B.I. and police arrest more than 100 in mob sweep -- I don't know what thoughts crossed your mind when you read this headline this morning, but what I thought was "oh, oh". Seems something bad always happens shortly after the mob get hit like this. Keep your head down.

Reuters: First Melinda Gates, now Warren Buffett exit Washington Post board -- The story says that "Buffett has been dialing back on his board commitments, choosing to devote more time to Berkshire Hathaway." But it also says that in 2009 Buffett "told investors that the newspaper industry had the possibility of 'unending losses' and that Berkshire would not buy most newspapers in the U.S. at any price."

Finally, we have Wonkette, a site that I used to seek a peek at when Ana Marie Cox was writing the posts. Today it is hard to say which headline to post here. Is it National Enquirer Says Todd Palin Bangs Hookers? Or Michelle Obama’s Hatred of Fatsos Killing Pedestrians? No, it's this one:

Wonkette: WaPo Newsroom Upset Because Black Lady With Boobs Hosts WaPo Webcast -- Got to admit, it's a classic. But the story is better yet. In one long, four sentence paragraph, Ken Layne demolishes the Washington Post in a tour de force performance. Enjoy.