Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mac App Store opens; store contains a "News" category

The Mac App Store opened this morning, delivering apps in the same manner as the iTunes App Store, but this time within the Mac OS (Snow Leopard) as its own dedicated application.
Just like the iPhone App Store when it first opened in 2007, the pickings were rather slim, but of interest to publishers is that their is, in fact, a "News" category for apps.

Only six apps were available today in the News category, and only one from a media property -- the website Mashable! was offering its own free app (Mashable! for Mac) that delivers its online content in an app format.
In addition to Mashable, there is a "Headlines" app (99 cents), as well as an app called miniRadio ($4.99).

In all there are 21 different categories in the Mac App Store, as opposed to 20 in the iPad store. Books and Navigation are missing, while Developer Tools, Graphics & Design and Video have been added.

Games, no surprise, looks like the category with the most apps offered, and Angry Birds is already the number one paid app -- it costs $4.99 in the Mac App Store. The store app itself appears to have been written have scratch because it is very quick and easy to navigate. Whether Mac users actually end up using the store is open to question, but they should have no complaints about the store app itself.