Monday, January 24, 2011

Morning Brief: Timing is everything; iPad 2 on track to ship in Q2; new Apple and Verizon ads pitch the iPhone

Timing is everything in business, the cliché goes, and the same surely applies to app releases. Take the timing of this one, for instance: 24/7 Bears. The iPhone app, released by independent developer Spare Time Ventures, was released yesterday -- the day the Bear's season was ended by the Green Bay Packers.
The developer here has pretty amazing timing: release an app, have a season end. Two weeks ago he released a similar app for the New England Patriots -- they then lost to the NY Jets. A couple of weeks before that an app for the the Dallas Cowboys was released -- their seasons ended simply when the regular season ended, so bad was their season.

Each of these apps are RSS readers that grab the content from local newspapers, ESPN and other outlets and then displays it in a pretty standard mobile app. The good news here is that at least the developer can not be criticized for trying to profit from the work of others: each apps is free.

AppleInsider is pointing to this story in the Chinese paper the Commercial Times which says that production of the iPad 2 will begin in February and increase in volume thereafter. This would be consistent with an April release -- one year from the time the first iPads were shipped to US customers.

If the report is true, and it is just one report, it would point to Apple delaying its iOS update at least into February. My assumption remains that Rupert Murdoch will be able to have his unveiling event for The Daily only when the iOS 4.3 update is released. (My guess: the first week of February -- but it is only a guess.)

Speaking of Apple: did you see the Verizon and Apple ads during Sunday's football games?

The Verizon ad was previewed here last week. But the Apple ad was new and attempted to play nice by promoting both AT&T and Verizon -- though what it really was promoting, of course, was the iPhone 4.

In any case, if you didn't get enough commercials this weekend here is one more for you: