Monday, January 17, 2011

National Post releases first tablet edition of its Financial Post Magazine; IBM is the single sponsor

The Canadian media firm Postmedia Network, the new media company spun off of Canwest, has as one of its properties the national newspaper the National Post. That property now has released over the weekend in the App Store a tablet edition of the Financial Post Magazine. The free app is for the iPad and contains an enhanced version of the November issue -- their CEO issue.
The iPad version of the magazine contains a single sponsor, IBM, which has a couple of ads in the issue, though none seem to be designed specifically for the tablet edition since there is no embedded animation or video in the ads.

The tablet version comes in a modest shell app, less than one meg in size. Once the app installed and launched the app begins to download a majority of the content. Video content is left off the app until the reader encounters the page with the video, then it can be downloaded. The advantage of this is that there is streaming of video, so it plays without stuttering. Also, I see that the video can take advantage of streaming to an Apple TV for viewing on your large HDTV.

A post online Saturday told readers that future issues of Financial Post Magazine will be available as a free in-app download when they become available. For now, at least, this app appears to be designed to simply extend the reach of the publication, rather than create a new profit center. Maybe that will come down the road.

Update: The developer of the FPM app is Made with Magnolia, a company created by Dayton Pereira and Michael Yokota. The developers are based in Toronto and also develop iPhone apps under the Indusblue name.

Left: once installed and opened, the app begins to download the issue's content; Middle: to navigate, the reader scrolls down to read the second page of a story, swipes to go to the next story; Right: embedded video can be streamed to another iOS device such as an Apple TV.

This may be two weeks late, but is related to the post above:

Postmedia Integrated Advertising, a division of Postmedia Network Inc., announced on January 4th that they had brought on Jennifer Sage to fill the post of vice president, digital sales.

“Jennifer will play a key role in delivering on our digital first strategy, aligning print and digital sales teams and growing digital advertising revenues,” Kirk Allen executive vice president Postmedia Integrated Advertising, said in the company's announcement.

Prior to joining Postmedia, Sage held senior positions with Rogers Digital Media, Rogers Publishing and St. Joseph Media. Postmedia Network and Rogers are both Toronto, Canada based companies.