Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New video for the BlackBerry PlayBook continues to play up web browsing experience

A new video was posted yesterday on the BlackBerry YouTube channel. The video is sort of a follow-up to the previously posted video that bragged about the soon to be released tablet's ability to quickly render web pages.

"Just in time for CES 2011, this BlackBerry PlayBook web fidelity video demonstrates rich multimedia, Adobe Flash games and social networking websites like Facebook running in the BlackBerry Browser," the video description reads.

Here is the video:

Recently a rumor was around about RIM might delay the launch of the PlayBook due to battery issues -- the company has since denied those rumors. Battery life, in my opinion, is a bit of a non-issue anyways, unless the battery life is ridiculously short. For instance, my iPad battery has never been below a 70 percent charge. But if the tablet got only half the performance it currently gets I would still be OK with it -- six hours is more than enough, isn't it?

For me, the reason issue here is the launch date: when the hell is it? The talk continues to be that the tablet will launch some time in the first quarter. Fine. But will we see lots of Playbooks at CES available for consumers and the media to demo, or only videos of PlayBooks?

(I still have my doubts about the seven inch display platform for the publishing industry. I recently demoed the Samsung Galaxy Tab and have to say I was not very impressed. But because this site is not about product reviews I have decided to hold off writing any posts until I can personally demo a tablet edition on the device.)