Thursday, January 20, 2011

NYT magazine story gets inventive online treatment

Here's a heads-up for TNM readers: the NYT home page is currently featuring a very well done web feature produced to help preview a story that will appear in this weekend's New York Times Magazine.
The story, The White House looks for work, needed illustrations, and that led to sending a team to Rockford, Illinois to talk to residents there who were still working to ask how secure they felt in their jobs. This led to the online feature Portraits From a Job-Starved City. Seen in the screenshot here, the image and audio feature which is exceptionally well done, and a good example of marrying different mediums to create an unique feature. (Wouldn't this work nicely in a tablet edition?)

The photographs here were by Alec Soth, the interviews conducted by Michael Catano. Assistant Dan Christian completed the team that produced the story. The photographic tour lists Stacey Baker, Miki Meek and Sarah Kramer as producers.

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"Wouldn't this work nicely in a tablet edition?" - hmmmmmmmmm.

The wheels are turning... lol