Thursday, January 6, 2011

Paris based fashion magazine, Self Service, releases Issue #33 in tablet edition; creative ads are a highlight

The English language, Paris-based, fashion and luxury magazine Self Service has released its first iPad app for its Issue #33. The free app gives readers complete access to the biannual issue.
The new tablet edition comes with both portrait and landscape modes, though there is really no reason to use the landscape mode other than convenience. The layouts which contain editorial copy are really designed for the printed page, so landscape mode simply gives the reader a look at two pages.
But the ads contained in the iPad app do make allowances for separate portrait and landscape modes.

The ads are the fun part here -- but what would you expect a former publisher to say -- as the agencies or clients involved here have done their best to take advantage of the iPad's display and animation qualities.

All this adds up to the app weighing in at 280 MB -- not nearly as large as some magazine apps, but certainly large enough to consider downloading the app when connected via WiFi (as the app description itself recommends).

If any improvements were to be recommended for the next edition, it would probably be to make the thumbnail pages, seen at the bottom when the reader taps the page, a bit bigger. But all-in-all a good (and fun) first tablet edition.

Some credits: Ezra Petronio serves as both editor and publisher of Self Service, with Stephanie Morel as advertising director. Joe McKenna was the guest editor for this edition. Petronio Associates is credited with Digital Advertising Art Direction, and Autreshere with programming.

Here is the magazine's promotional video: