Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Verizon to offer personal hotspot with iPhone purchase

Well, there you have it. Not a lot of real news here: Verizon customers will be able to begin pre-ordering iPhones as of February 3, new customers can order them starting on the 10th.
One incentive Verizon is throwing in is a mobile hotspot. That is pretty cool for those who own a laptop or iPad. I think this may force the hand of other carriers to develop a similar offer.

For those who are current Verizon customers and what an iPhone, the question will be do I buy now or wait until June when Apple will announce the iPhone 5? But will the new phone be 4G? Doubtful, though possible. Of course, Verizon might offer an early upgrade policy to encourage immediate sales. They have three weeks between now and the first pre-orders to announce more details.

Overall, I think most tech writers will consider today's event a real disappointment. Consumers will feel differently.
By the way, as I write this Verizon has their new iPhone splash page up (click on screenshot), but Apple's iPhone page still reads "Select your iPhone, then choose your AT&T rate plan" -- that's very unlike Apple. Normally the company takes down its online store for a moment -- very dramatic you see -- and then puts up the appropriate change.

Update: As you can see Apple has now changed its home page to reflect the Verizon announcement, though the link in the store still takes you to a page that only mentions AT&T -- that has to be changed, doesn't it?