Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wizzard Media reaches the 1000 mobile app mark; software company creates paid apps for podcasters

Claiming to be "the world’s leading podcasting network", Wizzard Media this morning announced that they had reached the 1,000 mark in mobile apps. A look inside iTunes shows almost 700 apps for podcasters in the store, the rest are Android apps.

Wizzard Media's apps are generally $1.99, and generally are without many buyers. Apps like Gospelstudy with Paul W. Esposito or Being Buff: Marketing the Social Economy have no reviews or comments in the iTunes store.

But occasionally a podcast will either already have an audience, or will build one thanks to their iPhone podcast app. The app for the DJ Steve Dahl, for instance, has gotten lots of reviews, and not surprisingly is priced a buck more at $2.99.

What launching so many apps has enabled Wizzard Media to do, of course, is create its own ad network.

(The Wizzard Software website lists Subway, OfficeMax and many others as part of its mobile ad network. While this is certainly impressive, a look at its financials through 2009 paints a bit of a different picture of the company, so it is hard to judge how well this company is actually performing right now.)

A company like Wizzard Media with its 1,000 mobile app helps explain why the Apple App Store can reach such a high number of apps in its inventory -- and why the Android app store is growing so fast. So many apps are thrown in the store to live in anonymity that the numbers seem impressive, but fighting through the clutter becomes a major problem.