Friday, January 7, 2011

Wrapping up the week: Verizon announces mystery event for Tuesday; buyers of PlayBook better own a BlackBerry

Am I the only one who actually was disappointed in the announcements coming out of CES? Yes, lots of tablets, but most only have vague launch dates and no ship dates. Yes, I know, patience.

So what does Verizon have in mind? Engadget says they have just announced a media event for Tuesday of next week hosted by Lowell McAdam, president of Verizon Wireless. You don't roll out your president unless it is important, right? The speculation, of course, is that Verizon will announce that they will now have the iPhone. Apple usually holds their own events, but this isn't really a new product so why have an event in Cupertino or at Moscone when they will be having one soon introducing a new iPad? See ya Tuesday.

Gizmodo says the new BlackBerry PlayBook only comes with BlackBerry integration, no separate email and calendar apps not tethered to a Blackberry. Everyone's first reaction has been "ya kidding, right?". No way they ship this thing without an app for email and a calendar. No way.
Not many interesting media apps were released this week, though I did think the tablet edition of Self Service was worth downloading.

Christianity Today released their first iPhone app for the website and publication. No third party seller is listed as the developer. The app is free; usually with free apps developed by third party is listed as the seller, not in this case.

Another interesting new mobile app is from Quantis. Bordeaux Wines is another in their line of video content based mobile apps. It's a strange portfolio of apps from the Japanese developer: all contain lots of YouTube video content, but the subjects range from Brahms Library to iAir Shows.

None of the apps have generated much buzz which makes you wonder about the motives of the company behind the apps and whether they are simply trying to make money from the content uploaded by others to video and photo websites.