Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amazon releases free software update for Kindle

Kindle owners will be getting a free software update today that will bring a bunch of new features to their e-readers. These include 'real page numbers' for easy reference, public notes and ratings.
The public notes feature is pretty interesting: "This feature lets Kindle users choose to make their book notes and highlights available for others to see. Any Kindle user -- including authors, their fans, book reviewers, professors and passionate readers everywhere -- can opt-in to share their thoughts on book passages and ideas with friends, family members, colleagues, and the greater Kindle community of people who love to read."

The software update will also add new browsing layouts for newspapers and magazines.

And now is as good a time as any to once again plug the Talking New Media Kindle Edition, available on Amazon.com for a mere $1.99 per month (you get the first two weeks free). Hey, don't let not owning a Kindle stop you from buying the TNM Kindle Edition!