Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Apple sends out its invitations; TNM still not on the list

Well, I see that John Paczkowski of the WSJ has received his invitation to the Apple March 2nd event in San Francisco. But your humble servant at TNM has yet to receive the special invite -- oh the horror of neglect.
What does the WSJ, with its millions of readers have, that TNM, with its dozens of loyal readers lack? Hard to figure.

In any case, Apple has made it official: March 2nd, at the usual place -- the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in SF. There the company, as you can see from the invite, will "unveil" its second generation iPad.

Frankly I'm thrilled to see the invite, the rumors created by media sites craving search engine traffic were driving me crazy. Besides, did anyone who follows Apple really think they would let Motorola, RIM, Samsung and other have the spring all to themselves?

I expect that the weeks between launch announcement and actual launch of product will be condensed. Expect to see iPad 2 in stores sometime in April -- though who knows exactly when, general predictions is as far as TNM is prepared to go.