Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CBC adds to its stable of mobile and tablet apps by launching universal app for CBC News division

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has released a new universal app in the iTunes App Store for CBC News. The free app offers users access to news, CBC radio news bulletins, weather and photo galleries.
The CBC News app joins the Canadian broadcasters other apps for CBC Radio and its ever popular Hockey Night in Canada app, CBC Hockey, as well as a specialty app called Vancouver 125, which celebrates the 125th anniversary of the city's incorporation.
The new app for the news division is a useful app, though it has received a definitely mixed reception from users in the Canadian App Store. Complaints have ranged from the absence of commenting, to it being too easy to click on ads. Nonetheless, the app does finally provide readers in Canada and elsewhere with some access to CBC News via an app.

The CBC Radio app has been one of my favorites since it was first introduced. Like all the CBC apps, it is universal, though I prefer radio apps on my phone. The app gives listeners access to the many local CBC radio stations, as well as Radio 2, which offers classical and jazz, Radio3 with popular music, and finally CBC TV audio access.
For those of use who grew up in Detroit, CBC TV means only one thing: Hockey Night in Canada. The CBC Hockey app does limit its content for users outside Canada, but the app does bring users live box scoresd, standings, stats, etc.

The limitations of video content, of course, comes from the broadcasting contracts in place in the U.S. Hockey game broadcasts are spread out between local channels, the NHL Channel, Versus, and the weekly game on NBC. Sadly, by limiting the games to these outlets, the NHL is mistakenly making the game of only local interest. The good news for hockey fans is that the NHL Network shows Hockey Night in Canada games occasionally.