Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Comcast updates its Xfinity TV apps to include watching movies, TV shows directly on iOS device through WiFi

These updates are hardly as important as events currently occurring in Egypt this evening, but I thought I'd post about these media updates, nonetheless.

Comcast has released an update to its universal iOS app which will now allow subscribers to its cable TV services to stream tv shows and movies directly to their iPhone or iPad. The app still does not allow watching live television on your mobile device, however. The new streaming content requires a WiFi connection.
Content that is available to Comcast customers include premium movie channels such as HBO, Showtime and Starz, as well as a limited number of networks such as TBS and TNT.

A number of other media apps were updated late today, as well. The BBC News, the Sunday Times, The Guardian for iPhone, Al Jazeera English Live, The Economist for iPad all were updated today, for the most part to fix bugs. (It is a shame that Al Jazeera has not launched an iPad app in time for the events taking place in Egypt.)


Anonymous said...

I find it unfortunate that Comcast users are unable to really experience the full potential of this product. For instance, this streaming confines you to your own home. As a DISH Network consumer/employee I'm able to stream live TV, VOD content, and all my recordings to my mobile device! DISH Network uses Sling technology to allow this service to iPad/iPhones as well.


Anonymous said...

James i had Dish and left because it was terrible. I got xfinity which has been great so far. Not sure what you mean about streaming in home. I'm using Xfinity app on ipad and kids were watching ice age at Panera while me and hubby had lunch. It's also free. You may know this stuff but just wanted to make sure you had facts. Kelly

Douglas Hebbard said...

Yes, you can watch a movie on your iPad using the Xfinity app, but you can not watch live television yet using the app -- this is what is meant by live streaming.

The reason for this pretty obvious: Comcast is an internet provider and clearly would prefer not to have its Internet bandwidth taken up with TV streaming, in general. But the day is certainly coming when this will be offered by many cable tv providers.