Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Daily releases its first app update to fix crashes; iMags brings iOS users free magazines from Luxembourg

A number of media apps have been updated this morning, including a much needed update to The Daily.
Also updated this morning was the USA TODAY for iPad app, as well as the two Weather Channel apps for iOS devices. The reasons are the same: fix bugs that were causing crashes.

The Daily app, though, has an unusual warning: it asks its users to delete their current app before upgrading to version 1.0.1. This is often a good idea when an old app has been crashing, but frankly users rarely comply.

I deleted the old app and upgraded and have not had any problems with the new app. I noticed, however, that today's edition of The Daily lacks any animation on its portrait mode cover. The old version was very slow to download the animation and as a result -- as you can see from my post from yesterday -- the cover would appear to be without any illustration at all for several minutes.

Nonetheless, there are already lots of negative reviews inside the App Store from users who are complaining about the upgraded app. I wonder if the warning message has been added more recently in response to these complaints.

Our friend from Luxembourg, Bruno Pinto, informed TNM today that his new project has been released inside the App Store: iMags, a new digital newsstand app featuring access to free magazines.
The app gives you access to schéi Vakanz, Business Review, Made in Luxe, and 352LuxMag -- all from Luxembourg, and all offer free access. (Despite its name, Made in Luxe is in French, as are the other magazines)

Like the Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader, the apps are available as replica editions. The magazines can be read in both portrait and landscape mode, with no layouts adjusted for the change in aspect.
The developer, Bruno Pinto, now has 15 apps available for the iPhone, and nine for the iPad. They include entertainment apps, as well as education apps like Citations Francophones du 20e siècle which is a French quotations app which comes in a free version and a 99 cent version (that's 0,75€ in Europe).

The app is currently to be found under 'Books', but should probably be under the 'News' category. You can also check out the iMags digital newsstand online at the website here.