Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Exclusive: What Apple will introduce at its March 2 event, as based on the intelligence obtained from 'analysts'

So let the hype begin. Here we reveal, based on the information we have collected from our experienced, tech savvy, well-connected analysts, exactly what Apple will introduce at its event on March 2nd. Write it down, we are 100 percent sure we are correct. 100 percent.

Photo of the new iPad with its front-facing camera, secretly obtained by a well-connected 'Analyst'

Apple will introduce a smaller larger same sized iPad. It will be delayed because of production issues  most likely released immediately  probably come out in April, about one year from the date the first iPad was available.

The new iPad will have a retina display  x-ray vision that will reveal what you ate for breakfast  basically the same display as current models.

Sales of the iPad will be  zilch because the damn thing doesn't have Flash  pretty good, with long lines outside Apple retail stores, but only a couple of T-Mobile customers outside Verizon stores.

After the release of the new iPad all eyes will begin to focus on the upcoming release of the smaller  larger  invisible  iPhone 5.