Friday, February 18, 2011

Mid-Morning Briefs: WSJ speculates, others aggregate; The Daily continues to lead with the big domestic story; suggestion: end the week with some pinot noir

This must be the kind of journalism that the advocates of aggregation dream of: the WSJ writes a story about governments about to crack down on a big tech company, so aggregators grab the story and run with it.
The problem with the story, as you will see if you read the whole thing, is that the authors have not not provided a single shred of evidence to back up the story's premise, no regulators in either the United States or Europe were quoted saying they will be starting an investigation. The closed the authors got to a quote from a regulator was a spokeswoman for the European Commission saying they were "carefully monitoring the situation" -- another way of saying they showed up for work today.

The thinness of the story has not stopped other media properties from aggregating the story big time. Isn't there a saying that goes something like "aggregation without curation is plagiarism"? If not there should be.

In any case, if it is true that Apple worked closely with News Corp. on the creation of The Daily, I seriously doubt Apple will want to do that again.

I see The Daily again today put had ongoing protests in Wisconsin as their lead story again today. The lead story was pretty balanced, all-in-all, and there were no additional editorials or opinion pieces about the issue today.

I think that this the editors of The Daily, following the now famous memo issued on Monday, will be concentrating most of their efforts on domestic stories. It is easier to accomplish with a smaller staff, and with the New York Times continuing to lead with Bahrain, this gives The Daily a point of differentiation.

While I have been slavishly working to bring you the latest new media news, my wife is off with her friends in California having a good time . . . as you can see. The good news, I suppose, is that our weather here in Chicago has been better than that in Northern California.

But the wines aren't as good, are they? That is the happy threesome at Skewis Wines, a great producer of pinot noir, located in Healdsburg in Sonoma County. We were lucky to get on their distribution list a few years back, and this week my wife and her friends were able to visit Hank and Maggie Skewis at the winery. Thanks to the recession you might be able to get on their list now, as they do not have national distribution -- the wine's too good, the production too small, you know how that goes. But you might want to check them out at their website and get on the list while you can.

Update: Did you know today was National Drink Wine Day? No kidding. I thought every day was National Drink Wine Day? Maybe just at my house.