Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More media app updates: The Weather Channel adds push notifications for issuing severe weather alerts

When I lived in California a weather warning was almost unheard of. Generally a warning involved the "Santa Anas", the strong, dry, offshore winds that were feared during the fire season of late fall.
But here in the midwest we have blizzards, thunderstorms and tornados. Hey, we have weather, way too much weather.

So the addition of push notifications for The Weather Channel apps makes a ton of sense. Today The Weather Channel Max for iPad was updated to include push notifications for severe weather.

Other media updates today included the CNN App for iPad which improved comment posting and other fixes. The Washington Post which just recently updated its iPad app has issued an update to its iPhone app that fixes some bugs and adds a "Most Read" option.

The Guardian issued updates today to both its photojournalism app and its iPhone app. The Guardian Eyewitness has added pinch-to-zoom, a fantastic addition, so that users can zoom into the photographs. It has also worked to streamline the app and fixed some bugs. This is still one of my favorite apps, and one I recommend to all iPad owners. The Guardian for iPhone app has also been updated to fix some bugs, and also says it has fixed subscriptions. I don't know what this means since the app is free for US users, so they may be referring to the non-US app here.

I also see that Journal Communications has updated its app for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, though it remains just a replica edition.