Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Morning Brief: Digging out; Google to demonstrate Honeycomb today, as News Corp. launches The Daily

There is quite a bit on the calendar today, but the first task is digging out. It is still snowing outside, but so far we have received around 20 inches, with drifts in the three to six foot area.
Waking up this morning the good news was that I could see my wife's car: it could be seen perfectly from an upstairs bedroom window -- downstairs, not so well.

While I, and my family, will be fine, quite a number of Chicagoland residents did not heed the blizzard warnings and have spent the night in their cars scattered around the city and outer county areas. Police and county officials are using snowmobiles to find and rescue those who need help. Lake Shore Drive remains closed and all schools and government offices will remain closed, at least through the rest of the day today.

Meanwhile, Cyclone Yasi is set to make landfall in Queensland, Australia. According to, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology is reporting that Cyclone Yasi is "likely to be more life threatening than any experienced during recent generations".

Stay safe.

Two important new media events are on the calendar for today.

Google will be conducting a Android 3.0 presentation today at 1pm EST. By then Rupert Murdoch will be off the stage as News Corp.'s The Daily unveiling is scheduled for 11:00 am EST at the Guggenheim Museum.