Thursday, February 10, 2011

Morning Brief: iPhone goes on sale at Verizon stores, bundle up; The Daily releases second update this week

It's minus 10 outside right now, really. But thanks to a countdown feature in the SF Chronicle, I know that Giant pitchers and catchers report to spring training on Monday in Scottsdale, Arizona. I'm there, baby, I'm there. Go Giants!

Photo by Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune

In the meantime, winter remains. What a lovely day to stand in line outside a Verizon store to buy an iPhone. Stores have already opened at many locations and so far, while there have been reports of lines, they don't seem to be rival the long lines seen outside AT&T and Apple stores when the iPhone 4 was introduced last summer.

You don't think it's the weather, do you?

The Daily has issued its second app update this week. And once again users are asked to delete their current app before updating to the new one.

All the things mentioned in the update are bug fixes, attempts to improve the performance of the app in the face of criticism by users of crashes and stuttering performance.

I own experiences with the app haven't been too bad, though the first version of the app certainly crashed far more than a professionally created media app should. My biggest complaint was the slow performance of the animation features. It looks like rather than fixing this issue the developers have simply phased out their use.

A far bigger problems is the content: it's simply lightweight journalism. Today's issue features the exploits of Rep. Christopher Lee, the Republican from Western NY state who resigned yesterday, caught in a bit of Craig's List shenanigans. Sure it's a story, but it is typical NY Post fare.

Other stories featured are The right track to bike safety, The changing face of plastic surgery, and I've met Big Broker -- and he is us. Oh, and of course, there is a story on Lindsay Lohan.

I suppose you've heard to the magazine launch tomorrow, right? No? Not a member of the Tea Party? Me neither.

But if you want to learn more you can subscribe to Tea Party Review, the Steven Allen edited magazine, set to debut tomorrow at CPAC, the annual conservation conference.

No word on whether a tablet edition can be expected soon, but judging by the magazine's website design I'd say they won't be going in that direction very soon.