Wednesday, February 2, 2011

News Corp. will stream event of The Daily unveiling in iPad-friendly video format, as well as Flash

Yeah, that was smart. You can watch The Daily unveiling on your iPad's browser because the company has made sure that its website will sniff out your browser and stream Flash if you are on your computer, and a more iPad friendly format if you want to use your tablet.
PhotobucketThe stream can be found on The Daily's website.

The event starts at 11am EST, and the app is supposed to appear inside the iTunes App Store by noon EST today. We have a first look at the app later this afternoon, of course.

Based on the demonstration it appears that The Daily will have all the bells and whistles contained in many natively designed iPad publications: social network integration, embedded video and audio content. They are also utilizing News Corp.'s broadcast properties to include kind of pseudo-newscasting content.