Friday, February 11, 2011

On this momentous day, a final word of appreciation for LiveStation and Al Jazeera English

This site is not about politics, current events (outside of media) and the like. But for the past several weeks, as a former newspaper manager, I couldn't help but be obsessed with events in the Tunisia and Egypt.
But only once did I leave my desk to turn on the TV. Why? Because my US cable company had months ago made a decision not to offer Al Jazeera English as part of their channel offerings. It was a cowardly, un-American decision -- it was noy made due to a lack of demand, I was never even given a choice. Was it not a political and ideological statement on the part of the major cable providers?

But Al Jazerra English is available both online and as an app, served by LiveStation. And once again today I want to say a special thanks to both entities.

But the executives at the cable companies should be aware, and a bit frightened: people and companies will find a way around the decisions of cable executives if they continue to make silly, unbusinesslike decisions based on their own political convictions. The mainstream media world is already reeling from the forces of technological change and fragmentation. But if media executives add to this dramatic change the element of ideology, they are asking for even more trouble.