Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Responses to Apple press release: from the analytical to the outrageous, everyone has an opinion about Apple

When Apple actually bothers to issue a press release you can be sure it will get lots of attention. Today's release concerning subscriptions was long-awaited, and will be much debated. Here is a sampling of reactions so far this morning (and it's not even 9am here in Chicago!):

Apple Rolls Out Long-Awaited/Feared Subscription Plan - Peter Kafka, WSJ. The money quote: "Apple’s plan will have significant ripple effects, but one of them won’t be a flood of digital magazine offers from big publishers like Time Warner’s Time Inc. , who have been quite clear that they’re not happy with Apple’s term."

Apple launches subscriptions to App Store: Boon for traditional media? - Larry Dignan, ZDNet. Quote: "Bottom line: Apple’s move to add subscriptions to the App Store is like the gun that starts a race to garner subscriptions among traditional publishers." I don't see it this way, as publishers are still struggling with both the platform and the business model -- and I consider myself pretty optimistic about tablet publishing.

Steve Jobs Responds To All The Cry-Baby Publishers About Apple's Subscription Payments - Jay Yarow, BI. You can always count on Business Insider for the outrageous, it drives traffic.

Meanwhile, Jesse Angelo over at The Daily, Rupert Murdoch's iPad-only digital news product, sounds, well, a bit desperate. New York magazine has part of a memo the editor sent to his staff imploring them to "Find me the oldest dog in America, or the richest man in South Dakota." Well, he says more than that, but you can click on over to the New York site and read the rest of what they have. I'd like to have read the whole memo, though.