Monday, February 7, 2011

Thwapr launches iPhone app that let's users (including reporters) send, share large video files from their iPhones

I've got to think that reporters will find this new app from Thwapr pretty handy when attempting to share large video files with their editors.
For journalists out in the field recording video on their phones, one problem has always been sending those files to their editors if the video is longer than about a minute. One option, of course, is to upload the files to YouTube or some other service, but that is hardly a good solution. What you want, of course, is to instantly send those raw files to someone who can piece a video feature together.

Thwapr is a start-up company with a management team of former Apple, AVID and MTV folk. The company is all about cloud-based mobile video sharing, and this app, I think, will get the company some attention. Previously, the company was known for 'share to phone' services for marketers.

Thwapr has a YouTube channel with videos about their services. This one is about their new iPhone app: