Friday, February 25, 2011

Upgrading your Motorola XOOM to 4G looks like a nightmare, as users must ship off their tablets

The upgrade guide found on the Verizon Wireless website looks like something The Onion would have produced. To say that the upgrade will prove inconvenient to tablet owners is a wild understatement -- maybe Motorola needs some "genius bars"?
Verizon warns prospective owners of the XOOM that to prepare for the upgrade you should back-up all your content (pretty obvious), encrypt and reset your XOOM, then pack it up and send it to Motorola.

That's right, you have to ship off your tablet and lose it for about a week. The upgrade, according to Verizon, will be available about three months after the launch of the tablet. Sounds like a hell of an inconvenience, but I suspect that the biggest market for the XOOM will be the techies that have been rather vocally criticizing Apple's iOS devices as being "closed" -- it is a very small, but very loud community you no doubt have noticed.