Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Verizon will price the Motorola XOOM for $600, if you sign a two year contract for data service, however

Do you really want to sign another contract? I have a contract for my television, my office phone, my cell phone, my wife (open ended) and who knows what else, do I really want to sign a two year contract in order to get a discount on my tablet?

Verizon announced this morning that they will price the Motorola XOOM, the Honeycomb driven tablet, at $599.99 with a two year customer contract for 3G data access. Verizon's price for the XOOM without a contract will be $799.99.
The Motorola XOOM will be launched on February 24, and will be the first Android powered tablet that has a chance of competing aggressively with Apple's iPad. The XOOM's specs are impressive: 10.1 inch display, front and rear facing camera, and, of course, the new Android 3.0 operating system. (Recently it was discovered, though, that the tablet won't be able to play Flash content until an updated version of the player is available from Adobe.)

The lowest priced 3G capable iPad current costs $629 and does not require a contract, the 32GB model is closer to the XOOM's pricing at $729.