Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Woodwing gets ready for flood of Android tablets; Adobe releases Flash Player 10.2 with full hardware acceleration

It was probably good timing on Woordwing's part to issue a press release touting its tablet publishing solutions for multiple devices (read: Android). Today they announced that they have a Reader App for the Samsung Galaxy Tab ready to go, and will be supporting Honeycomb "soon as Android 3.0 becomes available".
Of course, missing from the announcement was a sign of webOS support, but with HP not committing to a ship date yet for its new TouchPad, webOS will have to wait. But one can expect that vendors, including Woodwing, will support the device assuming there is demand there.

When the whole Apple v. Adobe fight first began, Mac supporters were quick to fire back at the other side with the simple response "fix your software". That is, Mac users wouldn't be so against Flash if it didn't perform so poorly on their computers. Stop being a memory hog, stop slowing down my computer, and stop crashing, and we'll take your damn Flash content, I suppose." (I can't speak for every Mac owner, but I believe this sentiment is shared by most.)
Today Adobe launched Flash Player 10.2, an update to the Web plugin that is said to offer full hardware acceleration support for video. AppleInsider has a good run down on what all this will mean, and the limited effect it will have on most video found on the web now, but this is certainly a step in the right direction (or, at least, I think it is).

I've always believed that the whole "we can run Flash" positioning taken by competitors of Apple was a trap: it only works so long as Apple continues to bar Flash from its iOS devices. A change in stance, for whatever reason -- better software from Adobe, DOJ threats -- and suddenly the differentiator is gone. If Adobe and Apple make up, I guarantee you both companies will take advantage PR-wise. If Apple simply "gives in", then they can say "OK, now we support Flash, but it still sucks". Either way, the differentiator is gone.

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