Monday, February 21, 2011

Woodwing says its ready for launch of the HP TouchPad; company to offer publishing support for webOS tablet

The company that offers digital publishing software support for such companies Time Inc. announced that they are ready for the launch of the first webOS tablet, the HP TouchPad. (edited, see note below)
The new tablet is expected to launch in June, though the company has only said that prospective buyers can expect to see the new tablet in the summer.

“I am very impressed with the HP TouchPad – it's nicely built, very user-friendly and it looks simply great,” said Erik Schut, President of WoodWing Software, in the company's press release. “But what a technical person like me appreciates the most is that HP webOS supports native HTML5. This is a great basis for now and the future. As it is part of our strategy to support all platforms relevant for our customers, we are pleased to include the webOS platform for publishers at this early stage.”

Amazon has already said it had readied a version of its Kindle app for the webOS tablet so that owners will be able to use the new tablet as a Kindle reader from day one.

Note: a reader kindly sent me a note correcting this first paragraph. I had originally included Condé Nast as a customer of WoodWing. In reality, Condé Nast is working with Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite.

Engadget reported this morning that the Motorola XOOM, the Honeycomb (Android 3.0) driven tablet, will be missing Flash when it first launches. The company had used Flash as a point of differentiation from Apple's iPad in its sales pitch to consumers and developers.

Now, apparently, it appears Motorola will be waiting for the launch of a new version of Adobe's media player before implementing it on its tablet.