Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Afternoon Media Briefs: Memo outlines plans to merge HuffPost sales team to be into AOL; Comcast launches their Xfinity TV app in Android Market

The WSJ's Peter Kafka got a hold of another of those epic memos from an AOL exec -- this one from Jeff Levick, President, Global Advertising and Strategy.

The memo announces that Mark Ellis, North American ad chief for AOL is out, as in out of the company (and apparently headed to Silicon Valley, where he will head up sales at Yahoo). "In" is the Huffington Post sales team which has produced pretty impressive results over the past year or so.

I’m very happy to announce that over the next 90 days, we will be integrating The Huffington Post sellers into our regional teams and expanding the roles of three of our star field generals – Tim Richards, Wendy McGregor, and Tim Castelli. Wendy, Tim, and Tim will lead the sales for AOL and Huffington Post Media Group and report directly to me, moving them into a more central role in AOL’s revenue strategies and management.

We've written about the Comcast Xfinity app for iOS devices, so to be fair it good to mention that today Comcast has released an Android version of its TV app. The Xfinity TV app showed up today in the Android Market, but it is clearly a phone version, rather than optimized for any of the new Android driven tablets.

The app allows subscribers to Comcast's cable TV services to use the app as a remote control, schedule DVR recordings, browse TV listings and On Demand content. What it can't do is be used to watch Comcast's new streaming programming -- which, it must be admitted, is pretty limited.

This is why TNM does not do predictions: today the House voted to pass a temporary spending measure, thus averting a government shutdown. Only 91 representatives voted against the measure -- so much for the promises of many of the newer members of the Congress.

In any case, no government shutdown -- at least for now.

Now the protests have come to the Ohio state capital as that state looks to take away collective bargaining rights from its state workers, including police and firefighters. The Columbus Dispatch reports now that there are "an estimated 8,500 protesters demonstrated against the bill on the west lawn of the Statehouse".

As other papers have discovered, stories about unions and protesters are sure to drive comments. So far the main story about the protests have generated over 400 comments -- that number is sure to grow.

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