Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Afternoon odds and ends: Catalyst Media launches ad network for tablet-only magazines; Viewsonic launches ViewPad running Android 1.6 AND Windows 7

Atlanta, Georgia-based Catalyst Media International has announced that it has formed a new division that will sell advertising for tablet-only magazines. The Tablet Ad Network maybe a bit ahead of its time, but the company is certainly enthusiastic:

“Tablet Ad Network was created from the belief that the future of magazine publishing will be on tablet computers, and we believe that the use of tablet computers and the readership of tablet-only magazines will explode in the years to come,” said Michael Basso, company spokesman for Catalyst Media International. “The growth we will see in tablet computers such as the iPad will spur publication of smaller circulation niche tablet-only magazines. We believe the tablet computer will lower the barrier for entry as a magazine publisher by lowering costs such as printing and distribution. We plan to be a driving force in the transformation that the magazine publishing industry will take over the next 5 to 10 years.”

Want an Android tablet? How about one running Android 1.6? Or Windows 7? Not likely, right? But Viewsonic says it will launch a tablet that will run the outdated Google OS AND the bloated Microsoft OS. Oh brother.
To make matters worse, TUAW spotted this, a screenshot of the new tablet supposedly running PowerPoint for Mac. Somebody in creative's gonna get in trouble over that one. Update: Adama Hanin, the veep of marketing at ViewSonic saw the TUAW post and thanked them for pointing out the error. My only question would be why would they need to Photoshop in stuff like this, can't they use screenshots of real programs? (rhetorical question)

Turns out that the reason Viewsonic's ViewPad is stuck with Android 1.6 is because the tablet runs on an Atom CPU and 1.6 is the only version of Android ported for the processor.

Worth a look: New York magazine has a side-by-side comparison of the newly redesigned Newsweek and New York Times Magazine.

Don't bother: Damon Kieskow writes on his Mobile Media blog at Poynter that publishers should avoid mobile media platforms and stick to the web. Really.

Guess Poynter will be eliminating their mobile media column soon.

Rasmussen Reports has released another poll showing that Wisconisn Governor Scott Walker is losing support within the state -- and this from a polling firm known for Republican-friendly polling.

The new poll shows while 39 percent of 'likely voters' say they support the governors plans to eliminate collective bargaining rights for most state workers, 57 percent say they oppose the plan.

Amazingly, the poll also included additional questions that were clearly designed to influence the results of this important question. For instance, Rasmussen asked whether unions "hould be allowed to require a local school district to buy health insurance coverage from a union-created insurance company". These lead-in questions are a typical method used by Rasmussen to influence poll results, and frankly, if there were a union of pollsters (!) would get them kicked out.

But don't expect polls like this one to influence Gov. Walker. If you told a bank robber that a majority of people polled don't approve of their crime would the thief decide to stop their robbery?

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